Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Welcome to my blog.

A few years ago I was on an inspiring march as part of the election campaign of Quebec solidaire in Montreal. Someone had a big placard reading "Votre coeur est a gauche" (your heart's on the left). I've thought of this simple and sweet expression since then, when I get annoyed with the world or question humanity's potential. It reminds me that everyone has the inherent potential to fight for change.

Now some anatomy nerds out there might point out that the heart is actually much more towards the centre, but the large left ventricle makes it feel on the left. That's fine, I can roll with that. But the left part of the heart powers circulation throughout our body, just like left politics that power change through society.

Anyway, I've chosen this as the title for my blog, which will feature musings on health and politics. This might include patient encounters I've had, debates in the media, or campaigns.
We'll see.

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