Monday, September 7, 2015

Photo essay: Toxic Tour 2015

Canada’s Chemical Valley completely surrounds Aamjiwnaang First Nation

Petro-chemical companies poison the earth

They poison the animals

They poison the water

They poison the people

New refineries and new pipelines, like Line 9, threaten to bring even more toxins

And even more spills

But Indigenous youth are rising up

And urging us all to wake up

On September 5, the annual Toxic Tour brought 500 people to Aamjiwnaang, to experience for a few hours what the community lives every day

The police guarded the toxins

While the march guarded the future

The constant drone of lifeless industry was broken by hip hop beats and chants

Indigenous drummers led a round dance

And 500 pairs of hands joined together

To support Indigenous communities

To learn from their experiences

To see the companies driving the climate crisis

To challenge environmental racism

And to build solidarity

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