Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poem for Harper

Stephen Harper's story is he wants a majority
It’s boring me, does he really think that he needs more authority?
His priority is his minority of right-wing views
We lose, if we choose May 2 to endorse his priorities:

$30 billion dollar jets with engines excluded
And meanwhile military vets will get their pensions diluted
He has no sweats and no regrets for prison prices secluded
And don’t forget that his tax breaks had their benefits refuted

It’s a cahoot, he ignores a billion on summit “security”
And half a trillion more poured though the doors of the military
"Shut the fuck up" to women and cuts to human rights agencies
Austerity, it’s scaring me, this military-corporate Harpocrisy

Democracy? You’re kidding me, he’s in contempt of Parliament
He even had the gall to call it all the “Harper Government
Prorogation and a manual on for committees to circumvent
Incessant malcontent, his only fan must be Margaret Wente

But seriously, how can this be, that he rules like the monarchy,
When a majority disagrees with his policies at home and overseas?
The secret is his harmony with Canada’s other corporate party
And the most absentee of MP’s, who never disagrees: Iggy

From the Tar Sands to EI to the war in Afghanistan
Ignatieff is so similar he’s like Harper’s right hand man
It’s a scam, he’s a fan of torture and would support war on Iran
Need I scan the clan of the man who claims he has a better plan?

From Chretien's 1990s cuts to corporate taxation
To Martin's 2004 coup which overthrew the Haitains
The Liberal Party policies push privatization
Environmental pollution and military occupation

Corporations are the basis of the unofficial coalition
Tuition rises while three times they joined to extend the mission
Not to mention both complicit in increasing emissions
Takes no magician to see how Harper rules without inhibition

But there, there, don’t despair, there’s another party out there, I swear
Beware the vote for the two millionaires who scare you with warfare
Instead, dare to vote for the one to which Medicare is heir
So on May 2 I’ll see you out there, with orange flair


  1. Many of the lines' rhythms remind me of these fantastic guys. I recommend #5 or #6!

  2. Thanks for the link! I saw the video with Assange in it (!), but didn't know they had their own site!